Our Process

How We Can Help With Your Traffic or Speeding Ticket

We want to help protect you.  This means we handle your specific case on a personal level.

Whether your particular issue is related to a routine traffic ticket, or a more extensive and serious issue such as a DUI, we are here to help protect your driving record and your license as much as possible.

You can simply complete the online form, then send us your citation if possible via email or fax.

You can also call us at any time or drop by our main office at 2209 Main Drive, Fayetteville, Arkansas, to discuss your case.

Phone:    Andrea McCurdy at 479-439-8881
Fax:         479-439-8882
Email:     andrea@nwatraffictickets.com

Once we receive your submission, you will receive a confirmation email.  We will then review your information, and contact you to discuss your case.  We will explain your options, and once we agree upon a fee and payment is made, we will send you a confirmation of our representation.  From that point forward, we are on your team!